Zoha Zaman Kabir Rashid & Co.
Chartered Accountants

Our Clients

The pooling of Zoha Zaman Kabir Rashid & Co. (ZZKR)'s expertise and experience towards a common aim of our clients' business success is a key element in our rise to become one of Bangladesh's prominent and respected independent firms of chartered accountants.                                                       

Our aim is to pursue an active rather than passive role to ensure the successful creation of a profitable business. Higher levels of partner involvement, exceptional standards of service and an intrinsic understanding of two-way lines of communication are the foundations upon which our client base has developed. ZZKR is involved in assurance and non-assurance engagements of Public Sector Corporation, Non Banking Financial Institutions, commercial banking companies, insurance companies, leasing companies, private and public limited companies, partnership firms, joint venture companies, Non Government Organizations, organizations under the umbrella of the United Nations, and multinational companies.